Party Snacks for Your Vegan and Vegetarian Guests

So you’re hosting the Superbowl party this year at your new home. Got the bar-b-que set up, chips, wings, Jell-O and macaroni salad ready to go, you’re prepared, right? And then you remember, your new neighbors are vegan. Or wait, is it vegetarian? Do you even know the difference? You want guests to feel welcome in your home, but it’s a new dietary requirement for you. To prepare for these guests and not limit them to just some sliced veggies, it’s time to do some research and learn those new recipes.

Vegan vs. Vegetarian

First and foremost, it is essential to know the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian diet. Vegetarians do not eat meat, however many of them eat eggs, cheese, and dairy along with other animal products such as gelatin. Vegans, on the other hand, choose to eat no animal products whatsoever. You can put together a great veggie plate for both groups with sugar snap peas, asparagus, peppers, grains, and fruits and just about anything from the produce section. Where you will have to be careful are the accompaniments: your vegetarian guests will be happy with most sauces and crackers, but vegans don’t eat any sauce with cream or eggs, which counts out anything made with mayo along with may dressings. You can still find the right ones though; just check the labels at your local store. 

If you have both vegans and vegetarians coming, you probably want to ensure that you have a majority of vegan options that will appeal to both groups, otherwise, you may end up with way too much food.

Appetizer or Snack Ideas

Fresh salsas and guacamoles tend to work for everyone involved. Double check that your chips are vegan-friendly (most are) and you will be fine. Worried about making it at home? Shouldn’t be a problem. Check your local grocery store or Latin market deli or produce section for their fresh salsa and guacamole options. Hummus is also a good choice. Nearly always vegan, even in the pre-made varieties and classic recipes, you can serve this dip with chips, pita, and vegetables, giving everyone options that work. Want to go with fried food? French fries work for everyone. You can serve them buffet style with sauces and toppings, but make sure you include a vegan mayo!

Entree Ideas

You’ve handled the snacks, score! Now on to the main course. If your carnivorous guests are getting wings, brats, and burgers, you want to make sure you get your herbivorous (plant-eating) guests some proper main courses as well. You can certainly do burgers without too much extra prep. Snag a bag of vegan buns at the store when you grab the others, and look through the vegetarian meat alternatives section for black bean, tofu, and portabella burgers, or get large portabella mushrooms and cook the heads “patty-style.” You are also likely to find vegetarian and vegan sausage options to compliment your hot dogs and brats. Be careful on your grill though. Some vegans especially don’t like to share cooking space with animal products. So, save half your grill or a special pan for the veggie-only options. 

That’s it! Now all your guests will feel welcome in your new home! Don’t have the right space for hosting? Talk to your real estate agent about locating the right home and entertaining space in your area.